Braiding Tips and Tricks Part 1

Hey there everyone! So this is the beginning of some braiding tips and tricks that I hope will help you during these cold wintry months when hats and hoods are typically a daily accessory! What is your favorite type of braid? What type of braid would you like to learn how to do? Please comment below because this is only part 1...

Today I am going to share with you one of my personal favorites for a busy lady in the city or simply for someone who loves to wear their hair in a quick sideswept style. A great quick braid I like to do on myself is a sideswept inside out French Braid(also commonly referred to as a Dutch Braid). This braided look gives the braid a textured look while keeping the hair pulled towards the braid smooth. Below is an example of this braid on my fine straight hair.


To achieve this look I simply gave myself a deep part and started the braid by the part on the side with more hair. I separated the top into 3 sections about 1 inch each and crossed the outside section UNDER the middle section and then crossed the other outside section under the middle section. As I continue down the braid I added hair from the back side only and continued the pattern above. Keep braiding under instead of on top like a traditional French Braid! Questions? Comment below!

Are you wondering what if I have really fine hair and struggle with making my braid look full?! Some great ways to solve this include adding some texture through curls, waves, microcrimps, and texturizing hair products. Some great hair product must-haves for braiding include flexible styling paste, sea salt spray, hair spray, and dry shampoo. Here is one of my favorite texture mists photographed from Allure.


Another great texturizing hair product is a newer one on the market and was launched in June 2014. Alterna's Perfect Texture spray is commonly referred to as the love child of hairspray and dry shampoo! Here's a picture from Alterna's Facebook page!


Sideswept braids are great to add a feminine twist under your winter hats and hoodie. For more braiding tips and tricks stay tuned! XO