Braiding Tips and Tricks Part 2

Hey there! Just wanted to share a quick how-to I like to teach on Fishtail Braids! Good luck!

To achieve a quick sideswept Fishtail Braid simply..

  • secure a low side ponytail

  • split ponytail into two sections of hair in the palms of your hands

  • use your thumbs to scoop a small section of hair from the one section

  • cross over to the opposite section(or side) and then repeat 

  • continue grabbing small sections and crossing over all the way down

  • be sure to keep it tight!

  • secure at desired finishing point and remove elastic at the top of the original pony

  • pull slightly on the fishtail braid to add texture and thickness and voila!

Excuse the selfie moment but this braid took me less than five minutes while I was commuting on the train to work! To see more of my braids you should probably go follow along on Instagram if you aren't already. Try this braid out and please share on IG and tag #hollibeauty so i can see your wonderful work! xo