A Timeless Red Carpet Style

Ladies and gentlemen everywhere have tuned in for the annual Golden Globes for decades. The awards ceremony continues to grow as the anticipation of the 72nd annual Golden Globes award ceremony is scheduled to air in two days! From recognizing the outstanding talent behind the film and television industry to all the beauty and fashion, this is surely on everyone's radar! For me, awards ceremonies mean seeing the latest celebrity hair trends. Here I will recap on one of my favorite looks that I believe to be a modern twist on classic Hollywood waves.

Once again I have teamed up with the lovely lady behind Russet Wire, Beth Lofton, to showcase this timeless style on a snowy day at goldplaited finishing salon in Chicago. Time and time again Beth comes to me with hair inspiration from her celebrity look-a-like Blake Lively.

I recreated a look similar to this but slightly more undone, since that seems to be the hair trend lately. My clients are requesting to look almost as if they did their hair themselves but a little something extra. For example, all over pinterest you can see those "undone" waves Everywhere!!

This look was created by creating a deep side part and setting the hair around the front with flat iron curls. By setting the hair I mean clipping(or rolling into a Velcro roller) the curls to cool, providing a longer lasting hold. Once the front is all curled and set I start in the back on the bottom and work my way up. Since I am going for a more undone look, I do not clip the curls up in the back. After curling everything, comb everything down with a boar bristle brush to add shine and create a uniform curl pattern in the hair! Here are some more views of this classic style!

Thanks for tuning in and I hope everyone enjoys the Golden Globes Sunday evening! As always, I appreciate your feedback and comments below xo