Curling Tips and Tricks Part 1

As promised, here is another blog post to continue my 7 day blog challenge! Are you following along?! Today I am revealing another Tips and Tricks segment for Hollibeauty on one of my favorite curling techniques. 

This technique is fun to dress up or dress down, depending on your plans that day! I love this type of curl because it tends to soften nicely(meaning 2nd day hair and even 3rd day hair) which obviously I'm a huge fan of thanks to dry shampoo!! Keep scrolling for all you need to achieve this style...

As seen in this picture I dressed these curls down by taking different size sections and wrapping them in different directions. This creates a not so uniform look for the style. Are you wondering what I used to create these curls?! Well, this part I will leave to your discretion. My two preferred tools to achieve this style are a 1inch curling iron or a non-tapered 1inch wand.

In this photo I used a 1inch curling iron and wrapped the hair around the open iron and then closed the iron to smooth the end of the curl. If you are using a wand you simply will do the same technique of wrapping the hair around the wand(twisting as you go) but you will most likely end up with straighter ends of the curl unless you use a heat protective glove!

Oh, I almost forgot! Make sure you spray your hair with a heat protectant spray before using a hot tool! For custom product recommendations, leave your email in the comments below! As always, thanks for tuning in and tag me in your hair selfie when you try this look at home! Good Luck! XO