Festival Fishtail Braid How-to Video

Hey there! How's it going?! I've been playing around with more video content and tutorials for all of you and I thought I would share my quick clip I shared on Instagram the other week with you on the blog! This is simply a side fishtail braid with a mini dutch braided bang area going into the fishtail, that way you have a little attention on both sides of your head :) To create this look all you need is some sort of texture spray or flexible hair spray to give your hair some grip so the braid does not slip out on you! In this situation I used Kenra Thermal Styling Spray. The only other supplies you will need are an elastic and one or two bobby pins! So easy, right?!

  • make a side part and section out a bang area for the mini dutch braid
  • braid the bang section with a dutch braid (get the how-to here)
  • gather the rest of the hair into a low side pony on opposite side of head
  • split that section into 2 pieces
  • begin your fishtail braid (get the how-to here)
  • once finished bring the elastic of the side pony down the braid to the ends to secure the braid before pulling it out too much!
  • take the dutch braid and pin it around the back and into the top of the fishtail braid
  • Voila! You did it!

Good luck styling and ps this is the first of many more videos! I promise they will get better Ha! 

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xo #hollibeauty