Great Hair Feels Great

Wow! What a busy and fabulous Wednesday on my end. How was yours?! Did you make it over the hump smoothly or slightly rocky?! Just remember, what matters is that you made it and if you are following along in my blog challenge...I have made it to day 4! Who knew I had so much to say :) Today on the blog I want to share what made my day so great and what makes my career so great. I simply get to give the gift of beauty and make people feel what I feel by doing what I love for a living!

Since moving to the wonderful city of Chicago, I have been so lucky to get to know the people I have met so far and I look forward to meeting more of you! One lady I have had the pleasure of working with is the lovely and talented makeup artist Marguerite. Her kind heart and outgoing personality instantly makes you want to be her friend! One day, she was talking about trying something new with her hair and of course I said "pick me pick me!"

Back in the Fall, I converted Marguerite from super highlights to something more low maintenance yet on trend. Since then, she has not been in my chair until today simply because she was ready for another change and overdue for a haircut! Watch the before and after transformation below..

So, what do you think of her transformation?1 Doesn't great hair feel great?! Fight those winter blues and come see me in my New location downtown at Hollibeauty for your customized feel great image! As always, thank you for tuning in and I look forward to your feedback! XO