Holliday Hairstyles

Cheers to the hustling and bustling holiday season! I know you all have a million things happening in your lives right now, whether its a heavy workload or trying to prepare for all those holiday affairs. I am here to share with you some of my personal favorite holiday styles I've been doing on myself and others lately.

Who doesn't love some ribbons and shine this time of year? Here is a simple yet polished look that can be worn to the side or straight back.  I used a shine spray along with a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair.

This is a fun twist on the traditional "fun bun". Super easy to achieve once you master the fishtail braiding technique(detailed how-to under braiding tips and tricks blog series).

“I am always looking for hairstyles that I find through celebrity inspiration and luckily Megan is open to trying these looks and then some on my hair. These styles are great for any event! Done but not too done up.
— Beth Lofton of Russet Wire

Ribbons are great for dressing up a gift, but have you ever thought of using them to dress up your hair?! As most of you have already seen throughout this past year, braiding is here to stay! Incorporating ribbons into your braids will take your everyday braid to the talk of the holiday soiree! Here is my favorite 7-strand braid...

For more "Holliday Hairstyles" and inspiration check out my IG and Pinterest pages. Still doing some last minute shopping? Visit my lovely hair model Beth Lofton on her blog for shopping guides and more! Thanks again for tuning in and as always I appreciate your feedback. Cheers to many more Happy Hollidays XO