How to Shampoo Only Twice a Week

Hey there, so I know this might sound crazy but bare with me on this subject! It seems that ever since the hype of dry shampoo, the million dollar question is, How often should you be washing your hair?! Well, ultimately it just depends on what your daily activity is and how you typically wear your hair. Here I will give you my typical routine on how I extend my blowout for days, because lets be honest the 2015 trend is looking like less is more when it comes to hair...

  • Day 1: two really good shampoos to make sure you rid your hair of any buildup, followed by conditioner towards the ends, and then  blowout hair or let it air dry depending on the weather
  • Day 2: Hair still looking fresh and probably just needs some polishing to tame flyaways or frizz with a dry styling cream
  • Day 3: pop some curls or waves in your hair with an iron and if needed put a little dry shampoo on the oily spots near the top of the head and finish with a finishing spray
  • Day 4: refresh the scalp with some dry shampoo and refresh those curls or waves with a dry styling cream towards the ends and rock the tousled look... maybe pin a side or half back?!
  • Day 5: you've made it through the week practically and today is your call... either rock a braided style or pull it up in a fun bun... or if you Must... wash it! Personally I am still going strong on day 5 and I usually style a big ol bun for the day!
  • Day 6: get your deep cleansing shampoo out and scrub away and repeat Day 1.

Well, now you all know how much money I save on shampoo :) I would love to know how often you are washing your hair. As always, thanks for tuning in and cheers to Day 5 of my blog challenge!