Meet Beth, the girlboss behind Little Batch Co

Hey there! The weekend is almost here and it's time to introduce you to another amazing person with a creative edge. This gal is quite the go-getter and am honored to know such an incredibly well-rounded and caring person. Everyone, meet Beth of Little Batch Co.

                        photo by  The Finches

                        photo by The Finches

Tell Us About Yourself!

Hello! And thank you, Megan, for featuring me as one of your Thursday Thinkers.

My name is Beth Ann Coulson. I'm 28 years old and live in Chicago with my amazing husband, 2 dogs and 1 fluffy fat cat. I work full-time as an advertising executive but for fun I really love making and selling handmade soap from my kitchen. It began a year ago after taking a soap making class on Dabble and has grown into a slight obsession. I make 38 bars at a time in my kitchen using only natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil and castor oil. In two days time I then cut, weigh and stamp them. 4 weeks later they are available for sale on my website Here I sell my individual bars as well as a “soap of the month” membership. 

It is still a little side hobby of mine that I pour into when I need to feed my creative side – it really is such a pleasure making and selling these soap bars.

Who has been your biggest inspiration for pursuing soap making and why?

What inspired me most to make soap was the health of those I care about. It’s really scary to read the back of labels on the soaps in stores and learn what you are putting on your skin. Most commercial soap is made with toxins to extend its shelf life and without glycerin so the manufacturer can sell you lotion as well. I wasn’t satisfied with what was offered in-store so I decided to (literally) take matters into my own hands and learn how to make soap using only natural ingredients. I’ve had tons of friends tell me the soap has relieved a rash, made their skin softer and even (in one case) helped relieve an eczema outbreak. Soap making checks a lot of boxes for me... it's creative, challenging, and fun to do - plus, I love knowing I'm creating something that can really do someone good.

Do you think mentoring is helpful? Do you have mentors? If so, what was the best advice they gave you and how did you implement it?

Sherry, my mother-in-law, encouraged me to price my soap higher than I had originally wanted. She told me that I put a lot of money, work and love into my soaps and they were worth more than I was selling them for. People are willing to spend money on value.

In terms of having my own small business it has been great surrounding myself with other woman who are running their own businesses. I am so encouraged by their successes and struggles - but most of all their passion for what they do everyday. I don’t have a mentor but I consider all of my boss friends (like Megan of Hollibeauty) role models in my life – both in my soap making and in my everyday strive to give it my all.

If you couldn't pursue soap making, what would you pursue?

I love blogging and teaching others how to create DIY projects like soap making, so owning a popular video site that teaches these traits for free to viewers around the world would be a dream. I love to create, paint, write and draw so I welcome any opportunity to be creative.

Well I hope you've enjoyed Beth's story and if you would like to follow her journey please check her out on social at the links below! Be sure to check back next Thursday to learn about someone new! xo



Instagram: @littlebatchco