Meet Marguerite, the girlboss behind Smudge Chicago!

Hey there! Who is getting weekend ready!? I know I am with a little help from my friend who helps make my face fabulous! Let me introduce to you the lovely, bubbly, and talented Marguerite Preston! Marguerite was one of the first gals I met when I moved to Chicago and I am So happy I did! Her and I instantly clicked while working together and she has been such an inspiration along the way here in Chicago! Everyone, meet Marguerite!


Tell Us About Yourself!

I moved to Chicago 3yrs ago from a small town in the suburbs to pursue my Makeup Artistry career. Before that I was a college graduate of Southern Illinois University with a degree in Sociology; working behind the bar at a local pub. I soon realized I yearned for something more. Something I knew I had a true passion for - makeup. One of the main reasons why I love doing makeup is witnessing first hand the reactions my clients get when they take that first look in the mirror. That a job that comes so easily to me, can bring out the confidence within the clients they didn't know they had. It truly is a rewarding feeling. From time to time I volunteer with an amazing organization called Flashes of Hope. They work with children with cancer and their families to help them feel good by gathering a team of professional photographers and makeup artists. Seeing the kid's faces after applying just a little bit of blush and lip gloss is what makes my job that much better!

Who has been your biggest inspiration for pursuing makeup artistry and why?

I would have to say my sister is my biggest inspiration for pursuing a career in makeup artistry. She is six years older than me and I always remember her having beauty parties with her friends and throughout high school she always made sure she had her makeup done before leaving the house. Soon enough I was doing the same thing during my school years. I made sure my makeup was done before my homework.

Do you think mentoring is helpful? Do you have mentors? If so, what was the best advice they gave you and how did you implement it?

I believe one of the reasons why I am where I am today is because of mentors. So yes, I strongly believe having mentors guide you is extremely helpful while making major career decisions. I have a few mentors. Some are there to help guide me artistically and some are there to help on the business side. My parents are some of my best mentors. My father is co-owner, along side my uncle, of a construction business my grandfather had started. So, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and I believe it is in my blood to do the hustle on my own. The best advice I have received is from my father. He can always sense when I am confident or when I am not confident, so he would say "You know what you need? Confidence." I've learned that having confidence in yourself can bring you so many opportunities in life!

If you couldn't pursue makeup artistry, what would you pursue?

If I couldn't pursue makeup, I would probably pursue my secret dream of becoming a Disc Jockey! Haha sounds crazy, but I've always wanted to try it! I love music and I love to entertain people. What else could be better than making your own mix and people dancing to it?!

Well everyone I hope you have enjoyed Marguerite's story and if you would like to follow her journey please check her out on social at the links below!  xo

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