Meet Joanna, the boss behind Joanna B Artistry!

Hey there! Cheers to another successful week hopefully for everyone! Can you believe it's August already?! SO crazy! It's a big month here at Hollibeauty (I'll fill you in on the next blog post so stay tuned..)!! This week I want to introduce you to a lady who has been an incredible friend and fellow boss lady since the first day I met her on set! Her personality is an absolute charm to be around and I love when we get the chance to do weddings and/or photoshoots together! Everyone, meet the beautiful Joanna behind Joanna B Artistry! 


Tell Us About Yourself

I am a Chicago native freelance makeup artist. I specialize in bridal makeup but love to dabble in beauty, editorial and commercial work, whenever it comes my way. My business has been up and running for four years now which has been such a dream! I get paid to do what I love, and it doesn't even feel like work! As a freelancer I have an amazing flexible schedule, which makes it very easy for me to balance my business with my part-time corporate job. During my free time you will most likely catch me while out for a jog or running off to a yoga class. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration for pursuing makeup artistry and why?

While dreading my 9-5 corporate job, I desperately searched for a career change. To clear my mind, a friend of mine suggested for me to take a few makeup courses. After my first class I was hooked! And then after acclimating myself into the wedding industry in Chicago, I was so inspired by all of the talent and amazing people I knew I wanted to build a career out of this. I established my business shortly after that and the rest was history! So I can always thank my dear friend Morgan, for pushing me to pursue my passion. 

Do you think mentoring is helpful? Do you have mentors? If so, what was the best advice they gave you and how did you implement it?

I think mentors are necessary for everyone at any level. I have always just reached out to anyone within the industry that either inspired me or that I thought highly of. Even if you do not think you can learn much directly from that person, it's helpful to have someone who is going through the same thing you are. You can either use each other to bounce ideas off of or just as a point of guidance when you feel like you're running in circles trying to makes things work.

If you couldn't pursue makeup artistry, what would you pursue?

I studied Economics in college, heyo #mathnerd! So I think if the makeup artistry world didn't work for me I would love to purse a career in Finance. I also love real estate, sometimes I dream of running Million Dollar Listing, Chicago (if they ever decide to create that show ;)  

Ha, I'm a total #mathnerd as well Joanna! Too funny! Well everyone I hope you have enjoyed Joanna's story and if you would like to follow her journey please check her out on social at the links below!  xo

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