Gloss vs Toner

In every industry there are so many ways of doing and saying things yielding the same or similar results. When it comes to the beauty industry the terms gloss and toner have seemed to be interchangeable. I figured I should take some time to explain this as I revamp my service menu since I use a gloss on almost every one of my color clients :) 


Many of you are curious as to what a toner or gloss may be when I, or your hairdresser, recommend them during your service. In most cases the terms are used in reference to a process used to enhance or cancel out hues in the hair. Personally I am choosing to use the term gloss in my salon. Professionally this term would be considered a demi-permanent hair gloss. My current fave is Redken Shades EQ.

One of my favorite ways to use a gloss treatment is with my balayage babes as well as in between their visits! I love changing the hues of the hair with gloss and especially canceling out brassy hues! Some of my balayaged babes can go 6 months between balayage appointments while  maintaining color and shine with a gloss treatment! Clear Gloss treatments are also a great way to shine up your natural hair color after a drying winter. While delivering amazing shine and hues, this gloss will also condition your locks while it processes on your hair! Hello healthy fabulous hair! To reserve your Spring Cleaning Hair Appointment click here

xo #hollibeauty