3 Must-Haves for Traveling

Hello there! As most of you know I travel quite a bit! Most of the time it's for on-location weddings and hair shows! I love being able to meet new people from all walks of life. I think it is such an important part of life to surround yourself with the unknown. This forces you out of your comfort zone and opens up the door for growth and opportunity!! 

Being a traveling hairdresser, it is very important to stay organized with your scheduling as well as your tools! I personally just merged from Android world to IPhone world due to certain apps that are offered in the Apple Store! Crazy how important Apps have become personally and professionally, right?! Being a to-do list freak, I discovered this app called 2Do and I love it!!! You can categorize your lists and tasks! No more random papers with lists! I've gone green! Also, being a bridal stylist it's super important to stay on track with wedding dates and trial dates, so this app has tremendously helped me so far.

When it comes to my precious tools, I try to keep it simple and compact! This is why mini tool kits are fantastic! I've been lucky enough to receive the MINI pin kit. I've been told it's a favorite of stylists who work on location. This genius all in one supply was created by celebrity and editorial stylist Lucie Doughty. Her kits can be purchased here. These organizational kits come fully stocked and you'll never have to worry about hair ties and pins being lost forever in your travel bags! Along with the kit, I tend to carry three main products, which include a volumizing powder, hairspray, and a styling cream! Other tools include a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, microcrimper, boar bristle brush, and a tail comb or two! That's it! I keep it pretty simple so I don't have too many options allowing me to focus on the work in front of me! 

I've hoped you've enjoyed my insight on being a traveling hairstylist! I've just returned from Vegas for the International Beauty Show and all I needed was my 1 carry-on bag stocked with my kit as well as my bikini and lots of "all black everything" clothing options! When traveling it's all about the "must-haves"! Mine are my phone, my kit, and of course products! What are your travel "must-haves"?! Comment below XO