How do you Find Inspiration?!

Hello there, I know it has been a moment since my last post but, like most of us at times, I found myself at a loss for inspiration when it came to writing good content for you and I did not want to waste your time with blah blah blah. I found myself going to write and then having major writer's "block/anxiety". Do I even make sense in my blog attempts? Am I making some sort of difference? What should I be writing about? These questions in my silly head caused me to shutdown for a bit and really dig deep to find the answers. Thankfully, I attended the annual America's Beauty Show seeking knowledge and inspiration. You guessed it....I FOUND IT X 10 :)

For those of you who are wondering what America's Beauty Show is, it is basically a huge trade show/convention for all things beauty aka Christmas for Hair junkies like myself! I attended my first Hairshow in Chicago two years ago and instantly became even more in love with this industry! The excitement and freshness brought out over 3 days is unlike anything else I've experienced. Now I fully understand the excitement my dad, being an automotive industry professional for over 30years, feels when he attends the Annual Detroit Auto Show! The past two years I've attended ABS I was taking the main show floor in and trying to soak up anything and everything from practically every booth/brand there! This year I had a plan. I knew exactly what I wanted to see and why. I studied the show pamphlet as soon as I received it, marking what classes sparked my interest and what classes I knew I needed to take in order to grow as an artist!

I tried to cover the business side of the beauty industry as well this time! I took some great and truly motivating, eye-opening classes with Jen Planck! First off, she's a Michigan girl! Secondly, she truly believes in herself and others to make a difference in this industry! Her energy and outlook on life is contagious! Her words really spoke to me this past weekend, which is why I'm jumping back into the blogging realm! Another great "business" type class was for me to really learn more about the editorial world of hairstyling from a very important side of the spectrum, the photographer. Luckily one of the world-renowned "hair shooters" Babak taught his first class this year on how to capture great shots and what the viewer or judge wants to see in professional photographs! WOW! Am I ever ready to do more photoshoots!! I was taking notes like crazy and can't wait to one day have an amazing team for NAHA!

In the hair side of this industry, there were too many to list here but two of my big classes were with the Balayage/Ombre diva himself mister Guy Tang! His energy and unfiltered words made my weekend! He even took the time later that evening after the Stylist Choice Awards to talk hair business and pose for a selfie :) His assistant Rebecca was absolutely fabulous as well! It was great getting to know them! Guy Tang taught me some amazing tricks for hair color, which I'm so ready to do on you! The other big class I took was with Hair and Makeup by Steph, which most of you may know of her stunning bridal styles on pinterest or IG. She covered the top 2015 trends and showed us step by step how to achieve each look!

My brain and camera are full, but really, I have to take pictures through Snapchat because I used up all my space! Don't you hate it when that happens?! What inspires you? How do you find inspiration personally and professionally? I'd love to know in the comments below!  Anyways, the words are just flowing this evening....I hope I didn't bore you! I just wanted to share with you how inspired and excited I am about what this year has brought me so far! Stay tuned XO