How to Prepare your Hair for Wedding Season

Hello there! So, as most of you know, the Wedding Season is upon us. I am so lucky to have so many beautiful clients and friends of mine getting married this season! Are you a bride to be?! Or do you simply have all sorts of weddings to attend this year?! Are you wondering how you are going to style your hair for all these upcoming events?! Well, luckily I am going to give you some prep tips and styles that are top trends for this season.

For all of you bride-to-be's I highly recommend freshening up your hair with a trim(or dusting) along with either a clear color gloss or a conditioning treatment about two weeks prior to your special day! This will ensure soft, shiny hair and longevity to your style. If you get your hair colored regularly, I also highly recommend having that appointment prescheduled so that you are guaranteed to get in with your busy stylist!

Recently I was lucky enough to have a bridal test shoot with Beth of Little Batch Soaps featuring some of my favorite Spring hair trends. All of these looks were created with just a little bit of texturizing spray, a 1inch curling iron, and some bobby pins. For a spring touch we added a few rosebuds from a local florist. Here are a few of the looks we did! All photos taken by me on my phone on a beautiful sunny day in Chicago.

Soft, tousled waves are definitely trending for this wedding season. Also, braids haven't gone anywhere, if anything, they have gotten bigger and more undone! Take a look and please tell me which style you would wear to your next event or wedding! XO