5 Minutes to Big Buns

Surprise! Yesterday's blog was the start of my 7 day blog challenge to finish January with all sorts of goodies for my readers and subscribers! Maybe even a giveaway at the end of this challenge.

For most of you, Monday's are the start of your work week and are not always the most peaceful and stress free days. Not to mention if you had an epic Sunday Funday, right?! Were you hitting the snooze button a few times this morning? Did you run late because you were trying to catch some extra zzzz's after a wildly adventurous weekend? Or were you simply not ready to get back to the work grind?! Well, I can save you some time with one of my express beauty routines for these sort of days....

Here I will show you a 5minute Hairstyle that doesn't even require a brush or bobby pins for medium to long hair. Sunday(Monday) Bunday is what I like to call it and let's be honest...who doesn't like big buns?!

First, pull your hair into a ponytail with a secure pony elastic like this one. Personally, I like a big, high bun so I place my pony above my ears in the center of my head.

Second, take your mesh donut(found at your local drugstore or grocery in the beauty department) and put it on your pony like you would wear a scrunchie! Remember those gems?!

Third, hold your hair that's hanging from the ponytail and start wrapping it around the mesh donut(or rolled tube sock) until your hair is swirled around and covering the donut in a bun shape. Don't worry about it being absolutely "perfect ballerina style" because "done, yet undone hair" is in for 2015!

Last but not least, secure your swirled bun hair with another elastic preferably one that matches your haircolor. That's it! Wasn't that easy?! If you want to make it snazzy or unique add a bow clip or jeweled clip like my finished look.

For the "red carpet version" of this big, beautiful bun, check out my previous blog!

As for express makeup, my go-to is  usually brown eyeshadow, lash-boosting mascara, and a bold lip. Out the door I go, ready to conquer the world rockin my big buns and bold lips! XO