What is Your Hair Goal for 2015?!

Well hello there and Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, I know I appreciated some quality time with loved ones. During the downtime and while driving between Michigan and Chicago, I could not help but look back on 2014 and think WOW what a year of Change and Growth personally and professionally!

According to my Timehop, one year ago today I was prepping for a week in Chicago. Like every year, I decided to start the year off with making resolutions. I decided I wanted to put my teaching background to use and become an Educator in the hair industry in 2014. So as I was browsing one of my favorite sources BehindtheChair.com I came across a class in Chicago the week I was planning on being there and knew this was meant to be. The class(pictured below from the article linked here) was Project Runway: Runway to Realway with Michael Shaun Corby, Alterna Haircare's Global Creative Director. The investment I made when I signed up for that class ended up putting my goal of becoming an educator into the fast lane! During the class, the Sales and Education Manager approached me, admired my work, and saw how quickly I was grasping the material. Let's just say weeks later I was back in Chicago representing Alterna Haircare! It has been an amazing year traveling the Midwest and spreading the Alterna love from Milwaukee to NYC at Fashion Week SS15!

The moral of my little story here is Set a Goal and Make it Happen! If you continue to work hard, you have nothing to lose, and the opportunities will be there Always.... you just have to be ready!

So to start 2015 off right let me help you get those Hair Goals in motion, while you cover the life goals, with some of my favorite Alterna products!

The first step to a great hairstyle begins with the shampoo. Personally, I love soft, voluminous hair with some curls or waves any day! Keep in mind, if you tend to take full advantage of dry shampoo in between washes, 2 solid scrubs never hurts followed by some conditioner to seal and shine that cuticle.

Busy week ahead?! Schedules are meant to be filled with things to do and lets be honest... washing and blowdrying your hair is pretty time consuming let alone stressful if you are struggling to recreate what your stylist did on your hair last time! This is when my dirty little secret comes out...DRY SHAMPOO! For an on-the-go lifestyle this is a must-have product!

Struggling to keep those strands frizz free and shiny?! This is especially difficult in warm, humid climates. Are pure oils too heavy for your hair? I have very fine hair so my answer would be yes when applied to dry styled hair, therefore when Alterna introduced me to this Dry Oil Mist I quickly became obsessed with another product... #productjunkie

As I mentioned above, I'm a fan of voluminous hair and I have very fine hair. This basically means I need to put some texture into my hair to amp up my style. I use the Perfect Texture Spray because it literally lifts and cushions my hair with a few quick sprays in the opposite direction of my hair flow, so from the bottom up! Its also nice because it doesn't leave that sticky or crunchy feeling on the hair like some hairsprays out there! Oh, and did I mention it smells great?!

These are just a few of my favorite products that help me to achieve my Hair Goals. I hope they can help you as well! Please comment below sharing some of your favorites or if you have any questions for me! Happy New Year and here's to Making it Happen! Cheers xo