DIY Hair Mask

Here's one of my favorite DIY deep conditioning hair masks I love to do this time of year when everything is SO dry! Cheers to New Year...New Hair...

What you need :

-for short hair: 1tbsp coconut oil + 1tbsp raw honey

-for long hair: 2tbsp coconut oil + 2tbsp raw honey

  • mix ingredients(for an extra intense treatment heat the mixture up real quick)
  • apply to towel-dried hair from scalp to ends and twist into a bun
  • let soak into hair for 30min-1hr
  • rinse and then shampoo, condition, & blow-dry

I recommend doing this treatment 1-2 times per month during the dry winter months! Good luck and let me see your results by commenting below or tagging #hollibeauty on IG xo