How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Hey friends! How's everyone doing?! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to make your hair look thicker and have that va-va-voom most of us can't live without!

These highlighted points will begin from the start aka your hair wash, however, you can totally begin on day old dry hair as well(see my results below)!

  • shampoo hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner! There are plenty of different brands out there, but my personal fave is the Alterna Bamboo Volumizing Line 
  • prep hair Before blow-dry with a root boost mousse or spray, my personal fave is the Aquage Uplifting Foam *extra tip! if you have very fine hair apply mousse all over!
  • Blow-dry the hair in a way that you are pulling the hair off the scalp and up, creating volume, personally I just flip my head upside down and blow-dry my crazy long mane, because who really has time to do a full round brush blowout set on themselves?!! Book a service with me and I will show you how to achieve fabulous hair in a short amount of time with little effort! I teach all of my guests how to style their own hair!
  • Flip your head back upright once hair is 100% dry, hello bombshell! Still not enough va-va-voom?! Now it's time to bust out my favorite volumizing products for Dry hair! Who has heard of Dry Shampoo? HA jk if you haven't you clearly have been living on a deserted island where the internet does not exist!! Dry Shampoo is a great way to add a bit of "grip" to the hair to create this airy texture and soak up any excess oil! You can read all about how I extend my shampoos over days here
  • Once you have used dry shampoo, I like to curl my hair using my new favorite tool The Beachwaver and then I like to pump things up even more with a Volumizing Hair Powder! There are many different brands out there, but this is my current fave! Simply sprinkle this "hair crack" under the top layer of your hair near the roots and crown and to expand those Victoria's Secret curls sprinkle throughout the hair, but be careful not to overdo it! This product is powerful!
  • To finish things off I like to use a volumizing hair spray, can you tell I like Big Hair?!! 
Here's a hair selfie after the steps above on my day old hair!

Here's a hair selfie after the steps above on my day old hair!

Alright everyone, I hope this quick and easy breakdown helps you achieve thicker looking locks and now I want to see your bombshell hairstyles! Tag #hollibeauty on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Have a great day and comment below telling me what other tutorials and tricks you'd like to learn from me :) XO