Megan's Top 5 Texture Tools and Tips

Hey there! How's it going? I'm sure you all have seen and heard of all the texture products out there to give you that tousled, lived-in hair or to make your curls a bit more beachy, right?! Are you slightly overwhelmed with all of the products out there for this right now?! I know I am and I'm getting slammed with both professional products as well as all the drugstore/counter products I am seeing in all the big chain stores! Its wild how much the phrase "Embrace Messy Hair" has come full circle amongst women and men, young and old. Today I am going to help you out a bit and share with you my top 5 ways to embrace texture!

First, I would like to start out simple and basic for you bosses on the run or for the "one and done production" personality! For straighter hair I would recommend spritzing your hair with a sea salt texturizing spray and then scrunching your hair in towards your scalp. Voila! Instant texture! If you prefer to wash your hair at night and then let it air dry, I would suggest towel blotting your hair dry and then spritzing it with texturizing spray and then braiding your hair in two braids down the back of your head(if you aren't too braid savvy then simply do some twists into buns). Snooze then wake up and shake out your hair and embrace your textured "i woke up like this" look!

Second, another great way to add some texture to your hair is to add some bends to your hair with a flat iron, but first make sure you use some heat protection! Personally, I am loving the Kenra Thermal Spray lately(it works And smells Delicious!) I love having it in my salon and so do my clients! I spray the hair with this before creating bends with my flat iron.

Flat iron bends on a freshly balayaged and chopped bob haircut in downtown Chicago!

Flat iron bends on a freshly balayaged and chopped bob haircut in downtown Chicago!

Third, if you are looking for a more polished textured look then I would repeat the previous tip but with a curling iron or wand instead of a flat iron! This will give you some serious mermaid status hair if that is your hair goal!

Fourth, for those naturally textured hair individuals short and long I love a good curl cream or anti-frizz cream with some hold to it to give that natural texture some grit and manipulation to your liking. These products can be applied to wet or dry hair, and if applied wet then I would suggest diffusing your hair with your dryer to dry your hair in its naturally enhanced state.

Fifth and final tip for texture would be braids! Boxer braids, fishtail braids, french braids, cornrows, rope braids, dutch braids, three-strand braids....they all will do the trick! One of my favorite tricks is to do a tight boxer braid look or a french braid when I go workout and then post workout instead of washing my hair I simply take out the braids and sprinkle or spray in some dry shampoo around the hairline and Boom! ready to conquer the day with an effortless, tousled look!

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful for creating and achieving texture! Comment below if you have some secrets to share or tag #hollibeauty on IG so I can see your textured looks! Have a beautiful day! XO