Tis the Seasonal Hair

Fall is here and before you know it Winter will be here! It is time to deepen up that blonde you worked so hard for all summer long with some different options I highly recommend. Some personal favorites of mine include Balayage, Lowlights, Color Melting, Sombre, and Color Glossing. These techniques will soften and shine up your haircolor while complimenting that fading summer glow on your skin! Here is just one example on one of my fabulous client's who wanted to soften her summer look transitioning into breezy Fall in Chicago. This transformation was created using the Color Melting technique as well as some Balayage.


To browse more photos of my work check out the IG and Pinterest links on the page! I have also found that Pinterest is absolutely fantastic for browsing endless haircolor inspirations. Go ahead, try it, but don't blame me when you find yourself hours later lost in a never-ending scroll! 

Another important factor when considering coloring your precious locks is choosing haircolor that is safe for you. This will help maintain the integrity of your hair which means healthier, stronger hair. Have you been going to the same stylist for years and have no idea what is used on your hair? Simply ask your stylist next time. It is your stylists job to educate you on everything you wish to know about your hair! If they aren't teaching you something every time or staying up to date on the latest, greatest, and safest then come see me!

Thanks again for tuning in and I hope you enjoy browsing all the seasonal hair options out there! If you have any questions about the techniques mentioned above please contact me XO